Visual Content is Vital for eCommerce

Ever considered incorporating video as part of a corporate social media campaign? These days it’s easier than ever to create your own video, and even easier to upload it online for display. My experience with social media so far has shown me that visual content is an important tool, as it can create lot of engagement.

Video doesn’t have to be professionally done, and sometimes it’s better if it isn’t. A super polished video of customer testimonials could be suspect. The best is a rough video from an actual customer, as it has realism you just can’t beat. But when getting into advertising, there is an expectation of some polish. Here’s an example of a video produced by one of our directors, Snehal Patel, for the game Loaded Questions, starring Eric Schwartz, aka Smooth-E:

Loaded Questions video produced by Snehal Patel, starring Smooth-E (Eric Schwartz)

While you might not be prepared to launch into a custom video production today, it’s a good idea to at least include it in your market development strategy. By spending some time with an experienced production company to outline some ideas, you will be a few steps closer to creating great visual content. A good video backed by decent market research data collection can go viral, and be passed around to hundred and even millions of people for free.

If you have a product that customers like to see before they buy, video is going to be crucial. If YOU are the product, photos and video could play a big part in your success. Potential customers appreciate the chance to meet you online prior to meeting you in person. Besides, it can save you a lot of time too, as customers who have already met you online, probably have already decided to work with you by the time they request an in-person meeting.

Most social media sites allow videos to be posted.  Social Media is a great place to start posting customer testimonial videos. Facebook business Pages allow fans to post their own video. Consider providing an incentive for clients and customers to post a video describing their experience with you, etc. At the very least, incorporate taking photos relating to your business, and get them posted online with a caption or description. Since Google can’t “see” the photo, it has to have some text describing the photo to index it properly.

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