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Trevor Eisenman, Association Social Media StrategistThe Association is here to help business owners who are tired of promoting like crazy, making 100′s of phone calls and end up getting stonewalled by the deflector shields of their target audience.  Wondering if there is another option to expensive Pay-Per-Click Campaigns? There is!

Qualifed and educated customers new customers CAN be acquired with less effort and cost.

This blog explores different options available for new customer acquisition. Fortunately, one of my jobs at The Association is to “translate” online advertising and promotional tools (and other related elements) into plain english.  I deliberately avoid being over-techincal with terms and try to use lots of stories or analogies.  Pictures and charts too if I can get them!

Confused about all the online options available? Check out our other blogs and get some answers.  Can’t decide what to do? Then get more information! Call us, we can help.

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