What You Didn’t Learn in College About Online Visibility

Creating Content and Online Visibility

A primary goal of any effective marketing plan these days is continually creating content and marketing it where your potential customers and clients can access it easily. Two of the most used channels in today’s modern world are Google Search and Email Marketing. In short, leveraging these two tools allows you to get found by prospects already interested in your product or service, and, by enticing them onto your email list, staying in touch until they purchase. Hopefully they purchase more than once!

What’s not to love? I’ll tell you what. Spending all that time creating content and using it only once! Creating content takes time and effort, and although it’s well worth it, make sure to squeeze every ounce of effectiveness by re-purposing content several ways. Just to be clear, I am NOT referring to posting the same content online in several places, as if it were original content. That’s cheating.

I’m talking about creating content for your blog, then featuring some (or all) of those blogs as email newsletter content, driving visitors to your blog. The increased visits further improves website visibility even more. Then use the same content a third way by hooking up social media accounts to your blog, so that each approved blog post pushes out across multiple social channels. Some companies leverage hundreds of employees’ social media accounts by linking them to their blog platform, instantly increasing the visibility of each blog post.

What of long tail keyword research and SEO? Well, best to still incorporate that, but SEO is not as important as it once was. If you can consistently create valuable, engaging content your target market really digs, you’ll eventually win. From what I’ve seen, only about 20% of any company’s online competition (on the 1st page of a Google Search page) regularly creates online content. Probably only 10% does a super job of blogging. So you can beat about 80% of your online competition just by producing more content more consistently than they do. Flavoring your content with a sprinkle of SEO work will sweeten your results, so optimized your content with keywords if you can. Just don’t overdo it.

So Get Smart. Create content regularly, blog it, email it and viral it out to your social networks. And get found online.


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