5 Days of HDSLR Filmmaking Training and Fun at the Oct 2013 California Photo Festival

Victoria, of the California Photo Festival, is planning filmmaking fun for you in beautiful San Luis Obispo Oct. 7 – 11, and she invited us to be a part of it.  Plus, we’ve been able to lower the price to one-fifth what it would be at our normal $998 price for a two-day Cine Boot Camp.  So sign up now to get the early bird pricing.


California Photo Festival type-shots we'll be shooting in Oct 2013


Actually it is quite an honor to be invited to be one of the 21 instructors at the Festival and we’re going to do everything to make Victoria’s first training in HDSLR motion picture cinematography a huge success.  (When she mentioned we’ll be filming horses running down the beach at sunset, I imagined how great those slo mo shots are going to look.)






Students Rate the Knowledge and Skill of Instructors at the Cine Boot Camps


 First, a little about us….

Our CineBootCamps are the highest-rated training in HDSLR filmmaking. We utilize “Active Learning” hands-on methods endorsed by UC Berkeley and Columbia University.






Second, here’s the deal

Victoria and I have packaged a 5-day, “best of” series of workshops culled from our highly rated Cine Boot Camps for $499….with additional discounts if two of you sign up together.

If you enter the coupon code “fletch2013″ you’ll get the gold pass for all five days for $424. AND if you do a 1 + 1 it comes down to $399.


Third, Here’s What You’ll be Learning

You’ll be learning HDSLR filmmaking (basic and advanced), plus cinema lighting, audio, and various camera platforms.  We’ll have special workshops with tips for still photographers transitioning to video.  PLUS, we’ll have DRILLS so you can learn by doing as you shoot short films – practicing your skills with Pros by your side to answer your questions.  (The price is about 75% less than our Cine Boot Camp prices.)

California Photo Festival October 2013 and DSLR Cine Boot Camps

Fourth, Here’s the Day by Day Workshops

MONDAY – Three Filmmaking Workshops for Still Photographers

We’ll be delivering three filmmaking workshops, culminating with shooting slow motion of the horses running on the beach at sunset.

The 10:30 workshop focuses on answering questions for still photographers who are transitioning to shooting motion pictures – with an emphasis on the 27 boo-boo’s that’ll kill your shoot; plus choosing camera mounts, how to prep for a shoot and how to set up for run and gun filming.

The 1 p.m. workshop focuses on the menu setup to shoot film, what are the limitations 4.2.0 color space, what picture style to use and why, how to avoid overheating, what CF cards are best.

The 4 p.m. workshop will be devoted to shooting horses on the beach – slow motion, high shutter speed and low shutter speed.

TUESDAY – Shoot Day with Pro’s to Help you Light Inside and Out

SHOOT DAY. In these three workshops ( 8 a.m., 10:30 and 1:30) we’ll drill in workflow as we break into shoot teams, each filming scenes from a short “murder mystery.” First, we’ll shoot in the studio with studio lighting, then we’ll go on location using location lighting techniques.  Our pro instructors will answer your questions as you film your scenes.

Lighting Workshop at the California Photo Festival

WEDNESDAY – Motion Picture Techniques & Breaking out of Creative Ruts

The 8 a.m. workshop is to answer questions of advanced still photographers who’ve run into trouble transitioning to filmmaking, including:

  • How do I block out motion picture scenes?
  • Which shutter speeds to pick for different “feels”?
  • What software can make my film look as close to RAW as possible?
  • What are my audio options?

The 10 a.m. workshop gives you a checklist of steps to take to break out of the creative rut you may find yourself in.  There’ll be fun drills in which you’ll create more interesting setups and scenes for your films.

The afternoon workshop will apply what we learned in the morning as we break into teams and practice shooting cinematic scenes with the Pro Instructors to help you review production techniques and answer your questions.


THURSDAY – Camera Platforms & New Lighting Setups

The morning session (8 – 12) will focus on different camera platforms you can use – handheld, jib, slider, micro dolly, dolly, car to car, air to air.

Jib Arm @ Palm Springs Photo Festival


The afternoon session challenges you to expand your lighting skills for motion picture looks. Another “break out of the box” session focusing on lighting setups you’ve never tried so you can bring unique looks to your next film.

Learn Lighting Setups you've Never Tried

FRIDAY – Graduation, Final Questions and Special Strategies of How to Get Film Work

The Graduation Session will be devoted to tying up any loose ends of the week and presenting you with your Cine Boot Camps Certificates of Competency. We’ll answer questions on things you had trouble with during the week, give you our best advice on things you’d like to try, and most importantly share ways we’ve found successful to close jobs with paying clients.  It’s the perfect wrap up to send you on your way with new skills, a certificate and some tips to get work.


We hope you’ll take advantage of this great package offer.   Check out the schedule here. You’ll get the best of our Cine Boot Camps at a 75% discount AND be learning in one of the most picturesque spots around.   Register today. Remember, if you enter the coupon code “fletch2013″ you’ll get the gold pass for $424. AND if you do a 1 + 1 it comes down to $399.

We’ll look for you at sunset on the beach.


Fletcher Murray is President of The Association, and one of the instructors at the Cine Boot Camps for the last four years. You can reach him at fletch@theassociation.tv

- See more at: http://blog.theassociation.tv/#sthash.pO8ZJd6I.dpuf

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