Power is in Simplicity

Simple lighting for digital cameras can be powerful.

And with the high ISO prowess of the Canon 5D Mark III (noise free blacks at ISO 2500) you are liberated to explore lower wattage fixtures.  WIth older (low ISO) cameras you have to bring in much more light.  With these new fixtures you’re not throwing light everywhere.  You can still achieve powerful imagery.  Of course, having a great actress is essential.

Picture of ex-con

The above still is from the video we shot on the last “How to Light Like the Masters” workshop, one of our new Cine Boot Camps. Shot on Canon 5D Mark III with Zeiss CP.2 85mm, 24fps All-i.

(BTW, We’re expanding our boot camps to include other filmmaking skills in addition to learning the Canon HDSLRs. CLICK HERE for more info on our new Cine Boot Camps)

Anyway, we were emulating the lighting of Roger Deakins, ASC, BSC in ‘The Man Who Wasn’t There’.  We used an ALZO PAN – L light with the directional diffuser.  You wouldn’t expect that quality of light from a flourescent light but as you can see it is achievable.

I asked the actress, Julie Brett, to assume the beingness of a woman who killed three people and gotten away with it.  We named the shot “Three arrests. No convictions.”

Thanks to Drew and Alzo for their efforts to empower (rather than cash in on) digital filmmakers.

Space is limited so be sure to sign up for our Sept. 28 & 29th “Lighting Like the Masters” workshop (CLICK HERE).  

Fletch is the President of The Association of Film and Video Producers and Founder of the Cine Boot Camps.

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