A Changed Man

Todd Cahoon - Actor turned Director“Infectiously enthusiastic” is how I would describe Todd Cahoon. Todd’s passion for filmmaking was evident right from the beginning, and we are looking forward to seeing his HDSLR filmmaking efforts.

I am a working actor who always felt I had a calling for directing. I have been writing for a couple of years now and finally mustered the courage to learn the other side of the camera.

Directing actors, knowing what visually looks good, knowing story, structure, and dialogue, even editing were all things I could bring to the table as a rookie director. What I didn’t have was knowledge of the technical side. THAT I learned at the CANON BOOT CAMP! I am entirely grateful to Fletch, Celine, Nancy and the crew. I have directed and shot 5 short films since last year and I am in pre-production for my second festival film. Onward and upward! Good luck to you all.

Name: Todd Cahoon
City: Los Angeles
State: CA

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