Close-up Lens for Canon DSLR 5D

There’s a screw on, close-up lens for the 70-200mm f 2.8 lens that enables breathtaking close-up shots.

It’s the Canon 77mm 500D Close Up Lens. It allows you to take stunning close-ups for commercial productions, food shots, electronics, wedding rings….  Getting ultra close really opens a whole new world of drama in the shots.

500D close up lens

This close-up lens allows you to fill the frame and really get in close to the subject.

70-200mm range without 500D close-up lens

But with the 500D close-up lens you can see even more magic coming out of the 70-200 lens.

70-200mm lens with 500D close-up lens attached

The look of this close up lens may make it one of the bargains of the year at $149 !  It certainly seems sharp as a tack.

You can order through EVS online.  Tell them Fletch recommended you call.  I don’t get any $ but EVS is kind enough to provide studio space for our boot camps. Call Casey at EVS 800 238-8480.




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