Canon Boot Camp Becomes a 2-Day Class In June 2012

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The Association’s Canon Boot Camp has been busy since the start of the year! Prague. Burbank. Palm Springs.

Since the start of the year we have trained over 80 Canon Boot Camp participants in the ways of Canon DSLR. Here’s a few comments from recent classes:

“Overall I loved it. Had a blast and learned a lot.” S.H.

“Fletch and crew were wonderful!” C.L.

“I enjoyed the course. I was worried I might be ahead of the curve since I have shot before but I learned some great tips and tricks.” R.H.

“Thanks, I enjoyed the workshop. It was an excellent experience!” J.H.

We’ve really enjoyed the process of creating and improving both Pro Level I (basic DSLR training) and Pro Level II (Advanced DSLR).  Unique to our training is our hands-on approach while still maintaining a strong foundation in the basics.  And with over 2 years of experience in getting shooters of all backgrounds quickly up and running with the Canon HDSLR, we’ve decided to make a fundamental change in how we deliver our signature Canon camera classes.

Up to this point, the Basic class (Pro Level I) and the advanced class (Pro Level II) have been offered as separate classes, each for $399 (early discount sign up rate – it’s $499 if you wait till the last minute!). However, the full benefit of the Pro Level I training really ripens when you get down and dirty with an actual shoot, complete with script, lighting, etc.

Canon Boot Camp

We’ve also discovered that no matter how trained or experienced participants are, if they only take Pro Level II, they need at least some of the basic training offered in Pro Level I. One of those, “you don’t know what you don’t know” situations, but with the number of mental light bulbs going off in Pro Level I, it didn’t make sense to deprive even the most well seasoned shooters of the basic training.


So, to cover the bases for everyone, we are combining Pro Level I and Pro Level II into one, 2-Day Boot Camp. Really, nothing changes except that there’s only one Boot Camp now instead of two. We still deliver both basic and advanced/pro levels! The pricing stays the same, in that the combined classes are $699 if you register by midnight the Weds before the Boot Camp starts (after that it’s $989 – so save $300 and register early).

The Burbank Boot Camps will still be on Saturdays and Sundays (usually the last weekend of the month).

If you had your heart set on only attending Pro Level I or only Pro Level II, you’re in luck. We still have a couple slots left in the April 28th and April 29th classes. The month of May won’t see any classes, and in June, we switch to the new 1 Boot Camp mode of one 2-day class. If you want in on the April 28th class, book right now or you might miss out. There are literally just a couple seats left as we limit the class size.

If I’ve completely confused you, give me a ring at The Association! We’re down for real conversations on the phone or in person. We’d love to hear from you either way!

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