Prague Canon Boot Camp a Huge Success

Green Screen Compostite Shot
The Association’s Canon Boot Camp Team recently traveled to Prague, Czech Republic to deliver our signature Canon camera classes. Thirty-eight filmmakers from Prague and other parts of Europe joined our Prague Boot Camp.  The first day we trained them in Canon DSLRs. The second day we shot a dramatic short film about two lovers breaking up at the ornate Prague train station, the scene of many motion pictures.
Would you like to hear the story? We’re working on editing the shoots into a short film, which we’ll make available as soon as it’s complete.
Prague Canon Boot Camp Students
The film opens with a distraught woman in a cab. She gets out at the train station. Her lover in a separate cab pursues her.
She rushes past an empathetic janitor.  The man runs into the station searching for a flower bouquet but the flower shop is closed. He spots the janitor and asks him if there is a flower shop open.  The janitor says no, but the janitor offers him the old rose on his cart.  It’s old and withered. The man refuses. The janitor urges him to just touch it. The man finally touches the rose and when he does the rose comes alive.  The man takes the rose and runs to catch his woman.
He offers her the rose but she throws it in his face. He walks away dejected.
Prague Boot Camp - The Lover and the Rose
The rejected rose on the ground triggers a distant memory in the woman and she flashes back to an earlier life. We dissolve to an old woman on an old train remembering her young soldier. A rose and his picture are in her diary on her lap and as the train rocks gently she remembers the day when she bid her young love (a soldier leaving on the troop train) goodbye never to see him again.
Prague Boot Camp - The Rose and the Diary
Prague Canon Boot Camp - The Past Life Lover
The old woman sighs and looks out the window.
The modern woman looking into the window of the modern train, sees the wispy image of the old woman and realizes her mistake.
The modern woman calls out to her lover and runs to him and they kiss happily.
As the happy couple pass the janitor he nods, then looks at the withered old picture of the young woman a long time ago.  The janitor disappears. The woman’s picture disappears.
Next we see the young soldier and his love walk into the old Prague train station, visually laden with the art nouveau architecture (see 1st picture above).
We broke the students into smaller camera units so we could complete the short film in two shoot days.  The filmmakers shot with Canon 5d, 60d and 7d on jib arm, steadicam, dolly, car mounts and tripods.  Canon Europe donated 19 lenses up to 600mm so we could achieve some stunning shots.
It was truly a fun shoot with great shots. Once we have the short film edited, we will showcase it here on the blog, but you can subscribe to blog updates and/or sign up for our email newsletter below:

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