Canon Boot Camp Graduates

The Best DSLR Workshop in Town

Below is a list of graduates from The Association 2010 Canon Boot Camps that have received our special Canon certification. A couple of graduates have created videos using a Canon DSLR 5D or 7D, and a link is included next to their name so you may see their work.

We respect the privacy of our students and do not share their personal information. If you wish to contact them for any reason, including jobs or production, please contact our alumni liaison, Tom Murray, at or call us at (818)841-9660, and we will gladly help with your inquiry.

Pro Level I – March 27, 2010

Amy Berg
Heather Welborn
Allene Quincy Anderson
Skott Snider
Chad Slattery
Cathy Wang
Trampas Thompson
Thomas Myrdahl
(video)Boot Camp Cert

Pro Level I – April 10, 2010

Daniel Pearl, ASC
Oscar Alvarez
Loren Roberts

Mike Berkofsky
Charles Jessen
Joe Maxwell
James Boyd
John Smith
Dan Ayers
Michael Ozier
Alice Gu
Mario Signore

Each of our graduates receives a Canon certification of their newfound expertise in DSLR film making.

Pro Level I – April 24, 2010

Jefferson Miller
Christopher Johnson
Stephen Franklin
Eric Haywood
Michael Brewer
Pa Cadichon
Chris Robertson

Pro Level I – May 22

Bob Stevens
Erica Dunton
Richard King
Chad Bonanno
Geary McLeod, ASC
Chip Bolcik
John Putch
Danny Tolli
Thyrale Thai
James Boyd
Frank Addelia
Richard Handley
Frank Flowers

Pro Level II – May 29

Robert Stephens
Trampas Thompson
Eric Haywood
John Ames
Bob Stevens
Jefferson Miller
Richard King

Pro Level I – June 26, 2010

Marcelo Lewin
James Wvinner
Austin Reading
Sam Mark
Kristoffer Dios
Oliver Chow
Nile Evans
James O’Keeffe
Ken Montgomery

Pro Level I – July 17th

Armen Meymarian
Jason Knight
Carmella Hatter
Joseph Dufrene
Adrian Castagna
Jeff Weakley
Shawn Pinner
Michael Dean
Vince Giacco
Theresa Hoey
Jacob Hatley
Bradley Smith

Pro Level II – July 31st

Jason Knight
Oliver Chow
Jeff Weakley
Anthony Hemmingway
Armen Meymarian
Carmella Hatter

Pro Level I – August 21st

Daniel Harutunian
David Jellison
Tom Faigh
Kumala Nio
Michael Franks

Pro Level I – October 9th

John Knowles
Francisco Cortinas
Dutch Merrick
Erica Eng

Pro Level I – October 23rd

Neal D. McConnell
Aimee Long
Frank Carlos
David Gasperik
Christopher DelaGarza
Lester Schwartz
Chris Yu
Brandon Doo

Pro Level I – Private Sessions

Robert Stevens (May 27, 2010)
John Ames (May 27, 2010)

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