Online Visibilty and Press Releases, Part II

Trevor Eisenman's Press Release SeriesNote: This is Part II in an seven-part series I’m writing about Press Releases. Press releases are possibly an overlooked item in the enterprise social media toolbox, so I’m going to cover a few points and talk about how I’ve used them successfully for client campaigns.

How long does a Press Release stick around?
I wish there was a standard answer to that question. We’ve had press releases hang out on the 1st page of Google for as long as a year. Typically press releases start to drop off the news search engines after 28 days. They aren’t news anymore! But if the research was done well, PRs can continue to show up well on search engine result pages for several months. Or more.

An important factor is how much competition there is for the topic and the search keywords that were chosen. Having long tail keyword research experts on hand for press release writing will potentially save you a lot of grief!  If a lot of other companies are vying for the same spot, it might be hard to keep a press release on the 1st page for more than a few days. Maybe even for a few hours.

Again, this is where experience really counts. A well researched, well thought out press release might make it to the 1st page of a search engine results page. But if it drops off just as quickly as it arrived, what good is it? Pick a good topic and the right keywords.

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