Canon Boot Camp to go Online

Breaking News! Canon Boot Camp to go OnlineNo matter how you slice it, having The Association’s Canon Boot Camp in one location is a limitation many filmmakers just can’t get around. And now that the Canon Boot Camp has gotten constistenly high reviews by attendee survey, it’s time to bring it online.

Don’t worry, the in-person experience is still available. But at this time, we aren’t certain what the schedule will be for the Burbank, CA classes, once the June class closes out. So if you have been waiting for the perfect moment to take the Canon Boot Camp in it’s current form, I highly recommend registering for the June 2013 date before it fills up.

Get informed when the Online Canon Boot Camp is available via our email newsletterIt takes time to transfer everything we’ve got into an online version. While we hope to release the online Canon Boot Camp by the end of the summer, we don’t yet have a specific date to give out. Private sessions can be scheduled, however, if June simply isn’t an option. We are very excited to bring the online course to the world, as many, many filmmakers and filmmakers to be will be able to get the DSLR filmmaking training they need, no matter where they are, as long as they have an Internet connection.

At this time, only Pro Level I will be available online. Everything you need to know to set up the camera, complete with drills and practical application to ensure 100% proficency. Pro Level II in it’s current form is an actual short film, so this may be made available separately. Canon certification for Pro Level I will still be part of the online class.

If you’d like to be kept in the loop as soon as the online version of the Canon Boot Camp becomes available, sign up for our newsletter and make sure to select “Online DSLR Training.” You canĀ sign up by visiting our Facebook Page, or scanning this QR Code with your mobile phone.

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