Killer Video

To Kill or Not To Kill. The latest video from the Canon Boot CampJust to be clear, the name of the video is Killer.  But it’s also killer, as in awesome.

The is the continuation of a story from a previous Canon Boot Camp about a hit man named Alan who is killed by his mark. Unfortunately, Alan left behind instructions in case something went wrong (and it went very, very wrong). Ana Easteden plays the mark-turned-vigilante and Julie Brett plays the reformed sister of Alan, freshly out of prison with a new outlook on life.

The Association’s Canon Boot Camp is a Canon certification class for DSLR Filmmakers or still photographers who wish to become expert at both setting up the camera for digital video production and the actual shoot. The first day of the 2 day class covers the settings and understanding the camera, video functions, etc. The second day is an actual shoot, complete with script, actors and lighting, which each Canon Boot Camp participant getting in shots for each scene.

After the class ends, the footage is edited and turned into a short film. Of course, each participant is listed in the credits and may use the footage in their own reel.  It’s a ton of fun and the practical experience of shooting a script from beginning to end is invaluable for a new filmmakers. Experienced pros also get a lot out of it, putting into action their new digital skills.

Check out the film and let us know how you like it in the comment box!


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