Canon HDSLR Used in Action Short with Director Kevin Shahinian

Snehal Patel is the visual director at The Association.  His fiSnehal Patel, Visual Director for The Association in Burbanklm roots date back to the age of seventeen when he hosted, produced and directed his own television show “Digital Basement”.  He worked in Bollywood, India following graduation from film school in Chicago.  After four years in Bollywood Snehal settled in Los Angeles and now trains professionals about new camera technologies and digital post production work flow for The Association.

The Association is hosting Canon camera classes in the form of Boot Camps throughout the summer to train new Canon users on its abilities.  In these classes, Snehal teaches participants the technical skills that are required to use the camera and many of the attendees can participate in a live shoot! All attendees are given a Canon certification for the Canon 5D/7D.

Snehal recently shot an action short titled “Flawless” with director Kevin Shahinian.  He served as a producer and a second unit director.  The Flawless team actually consisted of many Boot Camp graduates that came on to volunteer and use the HDSLR’s in action.  The cameras were used for the all the principal photography and Snehal said that “we got the shoot done because of the cameras…we did two and half weeks of shooting in just a few days”.   The Flawless team was composed of Canon pros so it made perfect sense to bring on graduates as well as Snehal, the HDSLR expert.

“FLAWLESS” The Official Trailer from PACIFIC PICTURES on Vimeo.

The cost effectiveness of the Canon cameras can reduce budgets by 85%.  Week long shoots can be minimized greatly and new footage can also be extracted.  The camera worked great for “Flawless” Snehal explains: “We were on a low budget so saving costs was huge” and the Canon certainly did the job.

Motion control and Multicam techniques are being explored in the upcoming Boot Camp.  These effects are most commonly attributed to the hit film “The Matrix”.  The advantages of the camera are vast and its amazing abilities are revolutionizing the film industry almost overnight.

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