Multicam Filming of Awesome Commercial Shots

Multicam is an array of Canon DSLR and still cameras that are computer controlled and can be programmed to snap an image all at once, or in a linear or non-linear sequence.  The resulting images are put together to make motion that is unbelievable!  Reel EFX has been working with these rigs since 1996 and provide full-service shoots and post for commercials, films and TV shows with multicam shots.

During our June 25th Canon Boot Camp, we will be using Reel EFX’s multicam system to get a shot for a high-end commercial that will be filmed during class. We will also use a motion control rig and various other setups for the Canon 5D and 7D. Sign up now and learn how the pros do it! Our Canon camera classes provide Canon Certification on the Canon DSLR 5D and 7D.

Multicam for Playstation
Multicam for Kellog

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