Chief Creative Officer Darla Davis – “It’s Intense”

Darla came to us from Power of Two Promotions, a company that specializes in creating promotional products for, well, just about anybody! As the Chief Creative Officer and Designer for Power of Two Promotions, two of her hats are Stage Manager and Videographer.

Already experienced in lighting and stage design after over a decade of theater stage productions, that DSLR cutting edge was missing. After attending our two day DSLR Filmmaker training classes here in Los Angeles, CA, Darla took a few minutes to fill us in on her experience:

“The biggest thing i wanted to learn was how to use the camera. And so, I think that went really well! I mean, I learned a lot! Still a few things that I still need to make sure I review on a regular basis so it doesn’t just fly out of my head.

“It’s intense and you’re just getting your getting your hands in there and just getting “dirty” and learning and doing…I think that’s the best way for ANYONE to learn. For me especially. To get your hands on it, and do it! If you don’t understand it, you’ve got people around you – you can be, like, “Hey…”

“I think it’s so hands-on that I think that anybody could learn [DSLR Filmmaking] and really take away – and make films,,,right after – you know, I  could go make a film tomorrow.

Darla Davis
Chief Creative Officer

Power of Two Promotions

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