Editor Ashley Wilson and the Canon Boot Camp

Even if you don’t know Ashley Wilson, you’ve probably seen her work.

Ashley is currently an editor for NBC’s “Last Call with Carson Daly” and also edited for Current TV, both cutting-edge and award-winning shows, and when you watch her work it’s evident she plays an important part in the success of these shows. Crisp and interesting, the videos are a kind of fresh cultural salad of today’s people and music and, of course, food.

Already skilled in DSLR Filmmaking, Ashley arrived with her Canon 5D Mark II in hand to put a polish on her digital filming skills. So now she’s pretty much a force of nature. Here’s what she had to say about her experience at the Canon Boot Camp:
Ashley Wilson, Editor and ProducerI had a really great time and I think I learned a lot. I was really happy with everything and I feel confident now going out and being on a shoot. I think I would get by just fine and know what to do, and come out with great looking footage.

Well, in terms of the class, I really liked the fact it was so hands-on, like we got to actually practice everything, and then when I did mess up, there were people that could help me, and go, like, “Oh, no…just do it this way.” Just so many questions were answered.

Just learning about getting everything in focus, and the lighting just right. I don’t know, I just feel like I could go shoot something right now. I would definitely recommend the class to others because It think the way it’s designed it it fits pretty much everyone’s pace. Like if you knew a lot [already] you could kind of jump ahead, and if you didn’t [know a lot] there were people there to answer questions. I think it was just a great group.

And we got hands-on, plus lecture, plus lots of materials to take home and review. So I think I’m set!

Ashley Wilson


You don’t have to work at NBC or Current TV to “qualify” for the Canon Boot Camp! Just have a passion for digital filmmaking and having fun with other great people. You’ll learn what you need even if you’ve never used a Canon before. Our Instructors will guide and inform you with hands-on drills so you can rock it on your own in just two days. Come join us!

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