Cypress College DP Clifford Lester Visits the Canon Boot Camp

Clifford Lester PhotographyCreating and putting on our Canon Boot Camps every month is a lot of work. But the little rewards we get along the way are worth it. While I originally started these Canon camera classes to provide training for filmographers, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting videographers from a wide spectrum of fields. More recently we’ve begun training still photographers in the ways of video. Many still photographers have access to the amazing video capabilities of the Canon HDSLR 5D and 7D; they just never unlocked the full potential from a lack of training.

Case in point: A Professor of Photography at Cypress College, Clifford Lester. Clifford was part of a select group of still photographers who attended the Palm Springs Photo Festival this past April, and took the Canon Boot Camp we delivered on April 3rd and 4th. Clifford was already an accomplished photographer, and has now obtained our Canon Certification for Canon HDSLR. Afterward Clifford emailed me and commented about the workshop. Although brief, it makes all the extra effort worth it:

Clifford Lester, D of P at Cypress College

Hi Fletch,

Just wanted to thank you again for a great workshop.  You and your team are a real class act!!  Thanks so much.

June’s Canon Boot Camp will feature a segment on the Mark III, including answering the following questions:

1) What are the new compression schemes, ALL-i and IPB?
2) Can the Mark III really deliver 90 Mb/second?
3) What’s the blurring effect in the DPP software and is there a work-around?

We will also show some recent videos feature the Mark III’s low light performance. Don’t miss it! Our DSLR workshops are very hands-on and worth the investment.

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