DSLR Filmmakers Comment on the Canon Boot Camp

We take our DSLR Filmmaker training seriously.  So we always ask at the end of each Canon Boot Camp for feedback and comments, to take the training one step further.  This past weekend saw the conclusion to our December class. Here’s a couple interesting question we asked each participant, and some of the responses:


What goals did you set for this workshop?” and “Did you achieve your goal for the workshop?”:


DSLR Filmmaker Training at the Canon Boot CampGoal: How to operate the Canon 5D Mark II. How to achieve a cinematic look. Different types of lenses and what look they have.

Achieved?:  Yes I did.

Goal: Getting to know and being able to sue the canon 7D. Learn about possible set-ups with rigs and sound.

Achieved?: Yes! I still need much more practice, but I got the tools to go out on my own now.

Goal: (Not stated)

Achieved?: Absolutely!

(Hey, that just shows that even if you aren’t sure what you’re doing with your camera, you’ll still achieve something worthwhile by coming to the Canon Boot Camp! It’s that good.)


Goal: Further improve my knowledge of DSLR

Achieved?: Yes

Goal: Learn more about the camera’s settings, how to smoothly change focus, what some lighting setups are.

Achieved?: Yes!


The Canon Boot Camp on location

We’ve caught wind in the past that some classes about filmmaking tend to be a bit on the ego side, where the main topic is what the instructor has done in the past. We work hard to ensure that the class is about the students, not about the teachers.

This attitude is carried through by the entire Canon Boot Camp team. Just to be sure, we ask a final open question, “Anything else we didn’t ask you about, but you’d like to say?” So here’s a few parting comments that reflect the overall attitude and “air” of the Canon Boot Camp:


A big thanks to Fletch and all the other instructors. You were/are very helpful. Also, thanks to Nancy for the nice food spread.  R.R.

The instructors and support staff were great! Very friendly and helpful. I’m glad that we had a good ratio of students and instructors.  M.L.

Everyone was extremely accommodating & nice beyond my expectations. Thanks you! You treated everyone like family. A.H.

Thank you so much! This has been great fun, an exceptional atmosphere and a lot of valuable information.  C.M.


As always, we enjoyed having all y’all at our “home” and we’re looking forward to your future exploits, be they short, feature or commercial. All the best!

Your Canon Boot Camp Team

Canon Boot Camp in Action

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