If you’ve seen the Canon Boot Camp short, “The Sonnet”, you might not expect the plot of our newest short, “Killer”. These two films are worlds apart. While “The Sonnet” is sentimental and sensual, “The Killer” is bloody and thrilling.

This short took three Canon Boot Camp workshops to complete. With the intricate script, twists, and action sequence, we wanted to make sure that we’d get it right. This even included us going on location to a cemetery, a first for the Los Angeles workshops. As you may or may not know, “The Rose” was shot entirely on location in Prague by the Prague Canon Boot Camp. We hope to go on location more often with the workshop, especially since we are working with such lightweight and flexible Canon cameras.

In total, we had 24 filmmakers shoot this film with amazing and patient actors Anna Easteden, Carlos Reig-Plaza, and Hector Hank.

Join us for our monthly Canon camera classes and be part of this fun filmmaking experience!


The Canon Boot Camp is produced by The Association and is located in Burbank, CA.

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