Enterprise Social Media Budgets on the Rise

Enterprise Social Media Budgets on the Rise

Even my largest clients are on the run from high-cost advertising.

Probably I don’t need to find a graph showcasing how consumers don’t respond well to interruptive marketing such as cold-calling. I know I’m not very fond of being interrupted. Sometimes I yearn for days spent on a farm with nothing but family, friends and maybe a goat – until my phone rings or I get a text – breaking my reverie.

Of course, there’s more to an effective marketing plan than just Inbound Marketing. It’s going to be a while before a company can just cut out all their traditional channels of advertising and just rely on an Inbound approach. Especially if a new company is just getting started or if a new product is being launched. Let’s face it, it’s hard to beat the awareness direct response TV ads can create over a short period of time. Currently I reccomend companies continue whatever traditional marketing they are doing now, and back it up with an online campaign.

Starting out with an Inbound Marketing campaign? One of the first to-dos on your list needs to be understanding long-tail keyword research and getting a long list of keywords to design a blog campaign around. Today’s enterprise social media plan must include blogging, so make that a priority!

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