Generate More Leads and Sales from Facebook

Reaching more customers and generating sales are two of the most important parts of an effective marketing plan a business owner needs to accomplish. And fast.

Increasing taxes, cost of living and a generally competitive climate make a challenging environment for any business to grow. Fortunately, we have the World Wide Web. Never before have so many had such massive potential reach to every corner of the globe. I’ve heard there are places in 3rd world countries that have no running water – but they DO have access to the Internet. Even so, for many who are in business for themselves, the cost of designing or programming a branded presence online leaves them stuck with the usual templates and “basic” options.

But not anymore.Reach More Customers on Facebook with Heyo

Customize your Facebook Page Presence – Without Coding

Before I explain, let me make clear that the single most important web presence you can establish, for the long haul, is a blog. But that doesn’t mean social networks should be ignored. Facebook and other online social networks can be quite powerful. And if you are just getting started in business with limited capital, social networks can be VERY helpful in getting the word out at extremely low cost. But a Facebook presence alone is just a third of the battle. With smart phone madly increasing, having a mobile presence is also important. And what about having a website? Often fledgling businesses are missing all three online tools.

Getting a professional looking Facebook Page, mobile site and website can be expensive to program. Well, it used to be expensive. Then Heyo came to be.

Heyo is an amazing online service. It allows you to “drag and drop” a professional looking Facebook Tab Pages together without any coding. Everything you need to create custom Tabs on Facebook is neatly presented in Heyo, and easy to use. I’ve been using it for some months, and I can verify it is truly a Do It Yourself (DIY) service – because I am not a programmer or coder myself. If I can use it, so can you.

No coding means you save time and money implementing your enterprise social media campaign yourself. Or at least implementing it in house.

For example, The Association produces the Canon Boot Camp, effective training for digital filmmakers. In 2012, we held a Premiere event showcasing 8 short films produced by Canon Boot Camp students. All the films are amazing, so of course I wanted to showcase them on our Facebook Page by creating a new Tab. If I didn’t have Heyo, I wouldn’t have been able to create the Tab without it either looking ugly our waiting for our Webmaster.. But I did have Heyo. So in a couple of hours, I had dragged 9 videos into place on a new Tab, added some text and social buttons and I was done. Click the photo below to check out the Tab:

Painless Facebook Tab Customization

Reaching More Customers with Facebook

If you already have a website you’ve spent time designing and coding, Heyo allows you to drop already existing webpages right into Facebook Page Tabs in about 3 seconds. No coding required.

If you’d like to run a contest, Heyo already has a contest page template designed. Just drop it in to the Tab. Provide a place for people to sign up for your newsletter while you’re at it!

Are you a Realtor? Heyo has several templates for showcasing properties. Want to add a Facebook Share button? Go ahead. It’ll take you about 30 seconds. Put the button wherever you like! Heyo truly is a Do It Yourself solution that pretty much anyone could learn to use quickly and easily. There are several templates already in place for restaurants, Realtors and retail outfits.

Once you’re done building out your Facebook Page, Heyo allows you to turn your Facebook Page into a mobile application and a website in minutes. But don’t take my word for it. Take Heyo for spin yourself with their free trial. Give your Facebook Page a DIY facelift today!
Do It Yourself FB Tabs, Mobile Site and Websites

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