Get Found Online: Maximizing Website Visibility

Does Your Website Hide from Google Search Results?

Does Your Website Compete?

There are many websites out there. Only 10-15 websites show up on a Google search page for a given search term. Does your website show up the right search terms? Does it show up for ANY search terms?

Online marketing can be a frustrating experience. Back in the day, when the Internet was just getting started, just having a website (even if it was ugly) was enough. Now the online landscape is littered with websites and even more spam. If online spam could be converted to canned ham, we could feed the world.

Is your website being given the cold shoulder by search sites like Google and Yahoo? Wondering why no one seems to find your site? Well I used to wonder as well. But my analyses over the past few years have turned up an interesting piece of the puzzle. There is a common weakness I have observed for most websites, and if you could turn that weakness into a strength as a solution for the visibility of your own website, you’d have more visitors.

The solution is inexpensive. It can gain momentum as a marketing effort. It can drive up customers over time while driving down advertising costs. Sound good? What is it?

It’s blogging.

Web plus Log is Blog

Online Journaling

“Blog” is really just slang for an online diary or journal. Ever hear of “World Wide Web?” Of course you have. Also known as “The Internet,” the World Wide Web (www – as in your website address) is so pervasive in our every day use, commerce would probably halt completely if we lost access to it.

Well, take the word “web” from “world wide web,” and add it to the word “log” (like a log book), and you have the word “web log,” the original word for blogging. Since saying “web log” makes people sound like they have a speech impediment (or perhaps are related to a species of frog), web log has been shortened down to just “Blog.”

But it’s just anĀ  online journal. A self-published column of sorts. Yes, essentially you become your own journalist.

I’m not going to get technical on why Blogging is so important in today’s blog post. I’m just trying to get across that blogging is an effective way your site can get more traction online, and get found by more searchers who are looking right now for what you offer. Yes, social media factors in their too, but social media is less important than blogging in the long run. Here at The Association we implemented a corporate blogging platform and now at least half of our of Canon Boot Camp sign ups come from search traffic, with no extra effort on our part.

Blogging has some built-in hurdles. Similar to having children, there’s a learning curve (hey, it’s less than 9 months!) as well as a long-term investment in terms of time and commitment to success. It’s pointless to conceive a blog and then just let it sit unattended, orphaned by lack of time and/or content.

But like all problems, there is a solution if you look for it. I’ve already found the solutions to the above hurdles, and those willing to roll up their sleeves and learn some new tricks can overcome them easily. With a little coaching, you can learn to maximize the benefits of a blog, minimize the costs and time involved and reap the benefits for years.





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