Mike Valentine Visits the Canon Boot Camp Feb 25 – Rig Day

Our February 25th Pro Level I Canon Boot Camp may feature TWO guest speakers. It’s officially “Rig” day, as we’ll be focusing on rigs for the Canon DSLR 5D and other models. This is one Canon camera class you won’t want to miss! Both guest speakers will be covering rigs.

Our first guest speaker is Michael Valentine, AC. Michael has done TONS of work since graduating from the Los Angeles Film School in 2008. His resume features 15 commercials, 9 music videos, 3 fashion videos, 12 feature films and 15 short films. He’s worked with Polly Morgan, DP on productions like “Mobius” and Emmanuel & The Truth About Fishes (starring Jessica Biel), as well as a number of other DPs.

His digital skills include experience in Arri Alexa, Canon DSLRs, Canon C300, the RED EPIC¬† & RED ONE, Sony F35 and the Panavision Genesis.¬† Currently he’s the 1st AC for Polly Morgan, DP, and is doing a lot of filming with the Canon 5D as well as the our new fav camera, the Canon C300. Fletch Murray, the Chief Instructor for the Canon Boot Camp, will be interviewing Michael (and our other featured guest speaker) on the technical aspects of rigging cameras: car mounts, underwater, custom rigs, building rigs and adapting cameras to different situations.

So if you have any interest in underwater shoots or rigs for the Canon DSLR 5D/7D, don’t miss the first part of the Feb 25th boot camp! To find out more about our Canon camera classes, visit www.canonbootcamp.com. Availability of speakers is subject to change without notice and does not affect class cost.

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