Get Rigged for Canon DSLR 5D at the Canon Boot Camp

This coming Saturday we have a special treat for the attendees of our Pro Level I Canon camera class. Locally known as “Ping,” 1st AC and DP John Pingry is coming to visit during the afternoon session to chat about rigs, following Michael Valentine, 1st AC, who will be talking to the class that morning (also about rigs).

John knows a little something about rigs for the Canon DSLR 5D. The current McDonalds campaign featuring suppliers for McDonalds was shot by John using the 5D. He has a passion for travel, and worked closely with Eric Schmidt, DP who was our featured guest speaker for the January Canon Boot Camp. Eric and John shot I Melt With You, directed by Mark Pellington, entirely on the 5D and 7D.

Knowing how to set up rigs or even build your own rig for the 5D is a crucial part of getting the shot. Come get your questions answered by 2 experts in the area, and learn everything you need to know to get your own film work. Our hands-on approach to training will get you up and running in a few hours, even if you’ve never used a Canon HDSLR before. We have certified shooters on the Canon DSLR 5D, 7D, and the 60D so if you’re looking for Canon certification on these amazing cameras, come pay us a visit on Feb 25th.

Future Canon camera classes are listed on the right side of this blog, so check out our upcoming dates there, or visit for more information on the classes. Or just pick up a phone and give us a jingle. We love to talk about the Canon Boot Camp!

Below is one of the videos John shot for McDonalds. Stunning work. Come shoot with the Pros and book your own work with Canon DSLRs.


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