Is Your Marketing Bleeding You Dry?

Is your marketing budget sucking your company dry?vampire_dracula

You spend a ton of money on promo and get one lead?


It’s a bloody shame !

But you don’t have to put up with anemic marketing. You COULD have an effective marketing plan.

What if I could show you how to make your promotional dollars go four to eight times farther? So you could get 4 to 8 leads for your marketing dollar, instead of one?

Wouldn’t it be great to get EIGHT responses instead of ONE out of a hundred (1%)?

One Lead out of a Hundred

The Association has perfected a method of getting four to eight times the industry average. The Association’s Stat – 4 to 8 times the industry average.

Eight out of a Hundred Leads

The Association’s Pay Per Click campaigns perform 4 to 8 times better than the industry average?


Below is the Google Report: The Association’s PPC ads are pulling an average of 8.48% !!

High Conversion PPC Campaign Proof

The proof – 8.48% conversion rate

How do we do it?  We use proven, scientific marketing methods that WORK.

Wouldn’t you like your email stuffed with leads in the morning? Clients have literally asked us to turn off the marketing campaigns because they were so backlogged following up on the leads we generated.

How does this apply to your marketing?

Let’s say you spend $100. on your promo marketing. Let’s say you make a $100. on each close. Well, if  you only get one reach out of the hundred (a 1% return), that reach cost you $100. If you close that one lead, you make $100. So, you break even. If you don’t close that reach, you just lost $100. This is why people stop marketing. THEY’RE LOSING MONEY. DUH!

There’s NO WAY you can EVER, EVER, EVER make money with anemic marketing. Period. But we still see people throwing money away on marketing that only gets a 1% response.

POWER MARKETING – But with The Association’s scientific methods,  you can get four to eight leads.

Applying this to the example above, instead of a lead costing  you $100,  you know get 8 leads which cost you $12.50 per lead.  If you close a $12.50 lead, you make $100 (you pay back your marketing investment of $100). But here’s the good news. If you close two $12.50 leads you pay back your marketing expense and you make another $100. If you close three you made $200. profit. This is the secret to paying for your marketing and making a lot of money. This is “power marketing”!

Be smart. Let us put our scientific methods work for you.

This is the time to grab market share, when everybody else has cut back. Power Marketing will give a better return on your marketing dollar and increase your profits. Break out of anemic* marketing. Call us.

*(def. anemic – lacking force, vitality or spirit.)

(def. anemia – Anemia is a condition in which you don’t have enough healthy red blood cells to carry adequate oxygen to your tissues. If you have anemia, you probably feel tired a lot. Etymology – anemia – 1824, from French medical term (1761), Mod.L., from Gk. anaimia ”lack of blood,” from anaimos ”bloodless,” from an- ”without” + haima ”blood”)

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