Tom Myrdahl, Director of Photography

Tom Myrdahl, D.P.Tom is a very experienced D.P. who has shot projects in Asia, Europe, Central America and every state of the Union. TV Commercials, Internet advertising, documentaries, and corporate image projects from Lockheed-Martin and Boeing to Bratz Dolls demonstrate not only Tom’s versatility but point to his unquestionable demand for excellence in image which is the Director of Photography’s responsibility.

One of the key instructors of The Association’s Canon Camera Classes, Tom is a master of the “film look” using the Pro 35 adapter with Cine Lenses or the new “Cine Style” Optimo zoom lenses from Angenieux and the “Cine Style” Zeiss Primes. These “tools” are the foundation for achieving excellence in image ..that’s what Tom does every time out!


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