Lockheed Airship Video Shot on Canon DSLR 5D

When I’m not instructing the Canon camera classes at The Association, I’m usually out in the field shooting video. This time I was the gaffer on a video about a new airship called the P-791.  Much of this material, including all the interviews, was filmed on a Canon 5D by cinematographer Eric Schulzinger, who is the head of the digital media department at Lockheed Martin.

Click to start video:

After witnessing the capabilities of the Canon DSLR 5D, a couple crew members on this shoot got excited about the Canon HDSLR camera technology and decided to attend the Canon camera classes in order to learn more about the 5D and 7D. 

We’re looking forward to hearing more from other film makers as these cameras come into use more and more. Do you use the Canon HDSLR 5D or 7D? Send use your work, we’d love to review it and possibly share it on the blog. Send your video to Trevor at trevor@theassociation.tv.

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