Kobold HMI Lights Used for 5D Shoot

Kobold Lighting gave us a chance to try out their all-weather 200 Watt and 800 Watt HMI lights. 

According to our director, Snehal Patel, the HMIs ran cool.In the picture below, Jefferson is holding the 200W light in place for a jewelry store scene.  This light was key for a number of shots where we needed balanced daylight in a small package.

The 800W was really useful as a mock helicopter light for a motorcycle chase scene.  The HMI was mounted on the front of the process trailer provided by Camera Car Industries and was swung back and forth to mimic a helicopter searchlight.  As you can see from the pic of Kavi and Ravi on the motorcycle, the 800W was powerful but had a clean look. The ballasts also performed really well.  Snehal reports, "They powered the lights with a low current draw and absolutely no noise.  The color temperature of the lights was spot-on and the construction is hardy and made for heavy production usage."

DSCN1485.jpg.scaled.500.jpg Hand_held_Kobold1.jpg.scaled.500.jpg Kobold_800_up_close.jpg.scaled.500.jpg Kobold_Ext_Lighting.jpg.scaled.500.jpg Kobold-800-at-work.jpg.scaled.500.jpg Kobold-800-on-ptrailer.jpg.scaled.500.jpgKo

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