Marketing Consultant Joins The Association

Charlie Hodge of The AssociationThe Association added Charlie Hodge to our team as a Marketing Consultant. Charlie is the perfect addition because he’s a “hybrid” – he understands internet marketing tools as well as traditional marketing tools. Charlie was Director of Sales at Earthlink but also has extensive experience in non-internet marketing, i.e. printing etc.

So, Charlie is “bi-lingual”. He speaks internet and traditional. Charlie’s a pleasure to work with and the ideal person to escort people through the transition from traditional marketing tools to internet marketing tools such as corporate social media.

“What a breath of fresh air this is,” Charlie says. “Social media is very relevant and a part of everyone’s lives. But a lot of people just need a simple way to start.”

“Social Media has advanced to the point where companies and the individuals responsible for marketing are no longer asking whether it should be part of their marketing mix but how and where they should participate.”

“Most companies that are “awake” to the changing business climate know they need to look at new ways to attract new clients/customers. We are factually helping them do this! We are helping business owners craft and get started on implementing an effective marketing plan using social media that will leverage the power of this new way of creating.”

“In a nutshell, you know how business owners don’t take action with social media even though they know they should? We get them over the hump with an effective ‘word-of-mouth’ strategy, plus our one-on-one implementation service that also empowers them to take control. Part of that service is to get them pretty immediate results that shows then a demonstrable return on their investment.”

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