Marketing From the Heart: Creating a Brand Your Audience Will Love

Marketing from the Heart

Your visual identity and its emotional impact is a seldom-understood concept in the world of consumer analysis and marketing. However, your brand is a commodity with real value!

Market research specialist Tracy E. Locke is a brand developer and professional writer who is available for private workshops at The Association. These workshops help to to assist business professionals with implementing an effective marketing plan using the same successful methods The Association has used for larger corporate clients.

“I enjoyed it, I thought Tracy was wonderful. I really enjoyed her spirit… that heart
centered place she came from, that focus, I think is really key to where I’m coming from
in my business.”  Philip Horowitz- Phlip ‘N Nick Corporation

You can invest in developing a brand that is the basis of effective promotion and the heartfelt focus of your business.  In fact, you ARE the brand of your own business if you are the only person in the company. Don’t neglect to develop that brand by assuming it will develop all by itself. By seeking out a trained professional who can draw that brand out, and create a brand equity you can use for years, you can achieve success in business faster.

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