Marketing for Small Business

The Art of Marketing

There are several ways to go about creating an effective marketing plan. If you are a small company considering some kind of consumer analysis, sometimes it’s best to just market from the heart.

What is marketing from the heart? It’s developing a visual identity and recognizing and establishing the emotional impact that this identity has on you, your business, and your clientelle. Independent business owners and independent professionals benefit from this kind of marketing the most, and it doesn’t take long to do.

Larger corporations may still want to rely on primary and secondary research for their market development strategy, but in our experience, Optimized Market Research wins out every time.  Smaller mom and pop businesses, more nimble with their customers as a general rule, can get away with less work, but enough research to hone their message to something more effective.

Tracy E. Locke
Tracy E. Locke, our writer and market research specialist, is here to help you implement methods used by esteemed, thriving companies in order to develop your brand and unique market development strategy. There is more to discovering your niche than a hopeful guess.

Develop a heartfelt focus of your business and create an identity that people can relate to.


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