Business Expansion is a Team Sport

I am often asked how it’s possible that The Association’s marketing campaigns are so successful. While I would love to take credit for the results we get for our clients, it is a team effort. In fact, a really, really big part of the success of any campaign is the client themselves. After all, we can only help a business owner who is committed to the success of the campaign and the success of his or her company.

The Association: Creative Film, Video and New Media Solutions

From past experience, the main goal of most business owners is to expand their business, ideally without also expanding the headache of having a business (of any size). While we can’t guarantee there won’t be any headaches, there are ways to painlessly increase leads, which of course would lead to more sales = expansion.

Accordingly, The Association team created a Business Expansion Program.  The first step is to conduct an extensive Business Development Survey in order to focus on the problem areas that need to be addressed in order to achieve a more ideal situation. This survey is a proprietary list of questions developed over 24 years in business.  We know what to ask. And we really listen.

Gearing For Expansion
Armed with your information, we set up an Expansion Program that is tailored to achieve the results that you want for your business. Quite often this includes addressing key business elements that would prevent the success of a marketing campaign that would bring in more leads. What good would more leads be if the company fell apart under the stress of more leads?

Generally, the next step is usually market research data collection, which tell us what we need to design a Market Development Strategy to reach your audiences and get them to take action. With this data, our creative team comes up with solutions which not only fits your budget but also pays back your investment.

Businesses are individual and unique, and require solutions tailored to those needs. While all of our tools might be applicable for most companies, the application of these tools often requires a nuanced understanding and careful observation of the existing scene, from outside the business.  And a cookie cutter solution isn’t enough.

Whatever you are trying to accomplish, find a success partner who has any skills you may lack, who is interested in helping you succeed, and who can be part of your winning team. To start, this might be as simple as getting an intern proficient in new computer skills, or as advanced as hiring a direct response advertising agency.  Good luck!

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