New Media and Branding Strategist Tackles the Canon Boot Camp

Being in the heart of the Media Capital of the World (Burbank), we meet a lot of directors, producers and videographers. And Gaffers, DPs, actors; the list goes on. Many of the Canon Boot Camp grads hail from the Industry… and then there’s Andrew Harbert.

Andrew has a background in the Industry, having worked for various studios, but currently he’s more of an online Renaissance Man. A software engineer, he’s also a branding strategist, social networker, and Search Engine Marketer. When he’s not optimizing a web site he’s designed, he’s headed to the beach with the dogs for the surfing action sunny California provides in abundance.

After the Boot Camp, Andrew shared his review of the class and how one tip made the investment worth it:



Andrew Harbert, Canon Boot Camp GraduateThe Boot Camp worked out great. Beyond my expectations. I mean, the one thing that I learned that basically paid for the entire course was the auto focus on the back of the camera. I mean, literally that paid for everything. I knew it [auto focus] existed, but I didn’t know to really use it, and to actually push the button. It was like, one of those things, like “Do Not Push,” and I was always scared of it and stuff. So, that was worth the price of admission right there.
But, beyond that, you know, I learned all the technical stuff that I didn’t know how to use in the camera, set in a controlled environment. That made a world of difference for me. With the Canon Boot Camp, since it was hands-on, they would teach you something and then you’d do it hands-on; and then they’d do a test; and they’d do hands-on and actually shoot something.
It actually, you know, it stuck in my mind. And it’s still there and I remember pretty much everything we learned during the class. So it was well worth it. I would recommend it in a second to anybody that wants to learn more about the camera and how it functions and how it’s used in a real world environment.
It makes a BIG difference. I mean, just picking up a little thing here and a little thing there that you many not have known, you know, just – you know how to focus the camera better and everything – makes a world of difference. And I would recommend it [the Canon Boot Camp] to anybody that asked.
Andrew Harbert
Branding Strategist/Web Developer

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