Belize Cameraman Learns the Canon DSLR 5D

Rick Romero traveled from Belize to take theĀ Canon Boot Camp. He works as cameraman for Channel 5 and came to learn how to use his Canon 5D for shooting commercials. Here’s what Rick shared in his video interview after the class:


Belize Cameraman Travels the World for Canon Boot Camp“I basically wanted to know how the camera works in and out. I had no idea how to operate one before the boot camp, and the first day was great because I learned so many things about the camera. The 2nd day was using the camera for real scenes, how to shoot scenes. So I was like, OK, I know step 1, step 2, step 3; and achieving that look, the warm look I was looking for. The ISO, how much to use, F-stops, focus; all these things just came easy. The bar scene was interesting because of the lighting, the depth of the shot that we did.

“Definitely I would recommend the boot camp for anybody who’s interested in knowing about the Canon DSLR camera, whether it’s the 7D, 5D, Mark III or Mark II. Because it makes you appreciate the camera more, and how well it does, and the things you can do with it.

“And the instructors here are very helpful, knowledgeable, professional and they really help a lot in achieving that goal.”
Rick Romero
TV Cameraman

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