Teacher Learns the Secrets of Low Budget Filmmaking

Ok, maybe they aren’t that secret. All the great tips for low budget DSLR shooting (and no so low budget) are available to anyone at the Canon Boot Camp.

Corey is a teacher for a private school that is developing their film and video department. So he came to learn more of the technical side of the camera, already being familiar with the creative side. Here’s Corey’s review of the class:


Corey OrthmannI’m a teacher, and I came here to learn how to teach the technical side of how the Canon cameras work, so I can do a film making class with my students. I really like doing the creative side of it already, but I didn’t know how the camera worked, all the settings, just really how how to do a lot of that, so I just wanted to learn kind of the whole thing.

I really liked the viewpoint of take us from nowhere, anywhere we’re at [skill wise] and be able to have a complete product at the end. To be able to do this [digital film making] at some professional level. I thought that was  a great approach and it really worked for me. When there were things that we knew, they [the instructors]  could assimilate it quickly to kind of really tailor the experience on a real moment-by-moment basis.

There were several technical aspects that were really cool. I liked learning about how to do different lighting setups, and I really had the idea that I was going to need to buy expensive, you know, equipment to do it. So I appreciated each time it was pointed out that, “Oh, you can just get this at Home Depot,” or “You can just get this at Ikea,” or “this dimmer only costs $6.” I was like, “Perfect!” you know, because I’m a teacher, and we don’t have a huge budget to go buy, you know, the real equipment maybe that the industry uses. So I needed all those little tips on how to do it on a low budget.

And then, just getting the information on if we do want to maybe spend a little bit more to get some of the really cool equipment…just the follow focus device…. It was like, I’ve wanted to know how to do that, and it was just like, “Oh this is how you do that,” and I got to play with it, and was shown how to use it, and it was great!

Corey Orthmann

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