Promotional Ideas for Your Film

Get to the top of Search results for your film with these tipsSometimes half the battle when it comes to marketing anything online is just an idea of what could be done to get to the top of search results. The Internet is so massive, and there is so much happening on the Web, that a kind of writer’s block can set in, and perhaps nothing new will come to mind regarding different ways to promote a film.

Obviously, there’s a lot of competition out there in the marketing world, especially online. Since anyone can create content and distribute it, it’s important to do more than the competition if your work is to be found by your target market. Fortunately about 80% of your online competition is only doing a mediocre job of creating content and posting it. The other 20% is fairly active, but only about 10% will be really “killing it” when it comes to content creation. And since the other half of the battle is often creating content to use online, films are pretty much tailor-made for an online campaign. They say that “stories sell” and what is a film but a story told with light? Use the content in the film to your advantage by using bits of it for online content in your campaign.

The two most important pieces to consider in your climb to the top of the mountain are the number of pages of content you post online (best done via a blog) and the number of other websites that link to your content. So be sure to cover those bases really well. Lots of content posted on a blog (good quality content, of course) takes care of the number of pages you will have. If you need links to your content in a hurry, get some good press releases out there about your film. Just one Press Release, properly done, can result in thousands of backlinks to your site from many, many news sites.

But there are so many more ideas you can implement for promoting your film online. While you might need a pro to help you implement some of them properly, there are a number you can implement with minimal training or computer skill. Where I have a resource to use that I like, I’ve hyperlinked directly to their site on the list below:


  1. Search Engine Submission
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Forum Discussions promoting the film topic
  4. Online Newsletters
  5. Social Networking Sites
  6. Fan Clubs
  7. Photo Sharing and Free Downloads
  8. Article Submission
  9. Blogging
  10. Video Sharing and Trailers
  11. Tagging (video sites, etc.)
  12. Podcasts
  13. Podcast Directory Submission
  14. Spark forum discussions directly related to facts and figures (research) relating to the film.
  15. Doc Sharing
  16. Share Presentations
  17. EBooks
  18. Track and respond to online comments
  19. Leverage your email signature
  20. RSS Feeds
  21. Social Bookmarking
  22. IMDB Movie Database
  23. Online Contests
  24. Twitter
  25. Online Polls

For a deeper insight, visit the source of the list, a Slideshare presentation by Ramesh Kumar.  I’d suggest picking one item on the list that you feel you can implement right now, and implement it well. Then move on to the next time you feel you can implement, and so on.

Have you already successfully promoted your film? Do tell! We’d love to hear your successes and failures, for the benefit of the community. Share your story in the comments box below, or email to share your story.

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