Which Picture Style suits you best if you don’t have time for color grading?

Choosing Picture Style: Neutral or Faithful?If you’re like us at The Association, you try to be as time efficient as you can, but also want to produce beautiful imagery.

If you are a Canon HDSLR filmmaker, you have the luxury of scrolling through defined Picture Styles such as Auto, Faithful, Landscape, Neutral, Portrait, and Standard.  My go-to Picture Styles are Faithful and Neutral. Faithful has a great pop of color that is very saturated and the blacks are very crushed, instantly giving a very rich and pleasing look. But what if you don’t want your image to be “stuck” like that forever? If you want more control over your image, try Neutral. Neutral’s look is more washed-out than all the other Picture Styles, so it may appear bland and not pleasing to the eye on an LCD screen.

However, this Picture Style gives you a lot more control over your image in post-production. Your black won’t go black as quickly as in Faithful, meaning that you’ll be able to keep more of the gradation from grey to dark grey to black. Your colors won’t be as saturated to start with, which will give you the option to be less saturated than Faithful’s look if that’s what you desire. Faithful is a great go-to look if you know you’ll have to upload the video quickly online, however, Neutral will leave your image with more options if you have time to color grade.


Here’s a video we made showing you all the different Picture Styles so you can determine which look you prefer. Let us know in the comment section which one you like to use!

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