Quality with Quantity

Quality with Quantity

How does quality affect advertising?  Quality is the fuel for the marketing flames.  For example, if you eat at a restaurant where the service is great and the food is phenomenal you will most likely do two things.  The first is revel in the fact that you found such an amazing place to eat and the second is tell your friends or family about your wonderful experience.

There is a common misconception that word of mouth recommendations are lost in the on-line world but this couldn’t’t be further from the truth.  It is called Social Media for a reason.  Socializing in an on-line world is faster and more effective in many ways.  In fact, people are more prone to recommend or promote your business through social sites then through direct encounters.

These recommendations are steeped in quality.  People enjoy quality information, or information they can use themselves.  How do you find this information and provide it?  People are naturally intrigued by things they don’t know.  Revealing information or products that have a new, but direct, benefit to your audience will put your company in a very positive light.

Quality is the strong base of what we call Advertising.  Aspects such as proper grammar, personal touch and quality products do most of your advertising for you.  Everyone knows what a Hershey chocolate bar is, but why?  Is it from their advertising campaigns?  Of course not, the world knows of Hershey because they supply a high-quality product all the time.  This is same with corporate social media marketing.  Providing a quality site, blog or page has a direct impact on the effectiveness of your advertising and inbound marketing campaign.

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