Practice Makes Perfect

Persistent Blogging=Great Marketing

Teachers, coaches and mentors love the phrase “practice makes perfect”.  It makes sense as the constant repetition of math problems, business writing or free throws will make you an expert in due time.  Unfortunately, these activities provide little variation and often cause people to quit from the monotony.  Blogs are different.  They offer variation.  Content, layout and even writing style can vary with each post and allows those writing to explore their creative side.  The problem is consistency.

Consistency is the Achilles heel of the blog.  Your clients or possible customers will resent your site if blogs are not updated.  For example, there are some sites you will not visit for the simple fact that they are never updated.  You must stay consistent.  Creativity will come with time, but to effectively stay competitive in your social media campaign, you have to post weekly at a minimum. Ideally several times a day.  Review your competitor analysis reports and glance at their websites or blogs.  I’d be willing to bet that they update constantly.

When providing a social media course or seminar our first point is blogging.  You never know who will read your blog; it could be your most loyal customer or the biggest potential client yet.  If you can get one person to follow your blog consistently, then you have won.

Do yourself and your business a favor and blog consistently.  It will help to keep your marketing plan consistent and effective.  Customers will come to you and the optimization of your site will increase as your index pages and views grow.  Make it fun, make it daily…make it a blog!

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