The Base of Social Marketing: The Blog

Building Your Market From the Groud Up

The Blog.  It is so simple, yet so confusing.  When most people think of blogs they think of long-winded documents on-line that bore you by the 4th line…like this blog post, right?  I’ll keep it brief.  A short blog post can work wonders for your business.  It updates people and possible clients about what is going on in your company.  In other words, it draws them in.  We like to call this Inbound Marketing.  The clients come to you.

Blogs can be the base of social media marketing.  It is so simple and easy.  In fact, it can be done in a matter of minutes.  For example, why are you reading this?  I can tell you why: it is short, concise and is providing you with valuable information.  Your social media blog should be the base of any internet marketing campaign you pursue.

Social media real estate is the amount of space you possess with social media.  Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and others all represent social media real estate.  A blog is a simple way to gain more.  The more indexed pages, keywords and interesting topics you write about, the more people will notice…and every business owner wants attention, especially if it is free.  Attack your social media marketing plan with a blog backed up with decent consumer analysis. It’s an excellent long-term enterprise social-media strategy for just about any company.

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