You + Social Media = Marketing

Market Yourself

People are different, and that is what makes them so interesting.  When we meet someone from another country or hear a good friend speak about a recent funny or odd event we find ourselves, often times, completely intrigued and buried in their story.  Why?  These people are interesting, and for the most part, genuine.  We enjoy hearing about genuine, real stories.  They make us feel that we have control over our lives; that we have the ability to make a great experience or story if we so choose.  You must take this approach when developing your social media plan.

The first step when using social media for marketing is writing a blog.  Your social media blog can be read by few or thousands but this blog can have great influence over your audience.  Be yourself.  Your customers or clients want to hear about the real you, not a false story or slimy sales pitch.  Relate to your audience by displaying the genuine you.  To often in social media seminars or courses people will tell you to use social media as a serious marketing platform, which it can be, but listeners get to hung up on the word “serious”.  If you relate to your audience your need for market survey companies or market research data will decrease significantly because your clientele will WANT to look at your site without being pressed to.

Do yourself and your clients a favor.  Be happy and be you.  If you were not a likeable person then you wouldn’t have gotten into business in the first place, or marketing for that matter.  An effective social media marketing plan can be simple if you display genuine traits and an overall interest in others.

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