Social Media for Business: Crossing the Chasm

Do Your Website Visitors Fall Into the Virtual Chasm?
I figure that most people are pretty aware that there is a “generational gap” in the world of online marketing. Anyone over the age of 35 is probably having a tougher time understanding and shifting with the tides of marketing, as things go digital. There’s even a new name I heard that describes the younger set, “Digital Native.” It’s a great description.

But what about all us non-digital natives?

How do you understand something that you can’t really see or touch? Marketing online is a bit like being on a Ghost Hunter’s TV show. Talking to things that aren’t there, or are they? Is my marketing really working? I have a hard time even describing what it’s like for older marketers. But I finally came up with a description.

For many business owners who have had a website for the past few years, they understand the importance of having a presence online. However, they may be getting visitors and NO sales. Why is that? Weren’t we supposed to just build a website, and everyone would just show up and buy something? How come “someone” shows up, but they don’t take that next step?

Many “effective marketing plans” fall down right at that spot. Visitors arrive, and they are standing on the edge of a cliff, except they don’t see the chasm between them and actually signing up as an actual lead. If this is happening on your site, what you are missing is a conversion process. That conversion process is the virtual bridge between a visitor to one of your web presences, and actually buying something.

The first step of this conversion process is really understanding your target market. What do they need? What does your consumer analysis tell you about the people that would buy from you, if they could find you?

Are your website visitors falling into a chasm? If there aren’t any sales coming from your website or blog, but you have some consistent volume of online visitors, why yes, they are! That means the content of the site needs an overhaul, probably, as well as implementation of a conversion process.

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