Hubspot’s Marketing Experts on State of Inbound Marketing: Part 8

Hubspot, a leader in Inbound Marketing, recently surveyed 644 companies to ascertain the state of both Traditional Media (print ads, telemarketing, tradeshows, etc.) & Inbound Marketing. As Hubspot defines it: “Inbound Marketing is a set of marketing strategies and techniques focused on pulling relevant prospects and customers towards a business and it’s products.”

This is part 8 of a 13 part series of blog posts that share bite-size portions of Hubspot’s overall report, “The 2011 State of Inbound Marketing.” If you’d like a full copy of the report, feel free to contact me by clicking here or search for the report by name on Google.


So you’ve started a blog and just don’t have the time to post frequently? Well, you’re in good company. The majority of companies surveyed blog weekly. The minority blog daily. Face it, it’s tough to come up with good, unique content.

We use a system I call Topic Optimized Marketing. While it does all the technical aspects right, like the utilization of long tail keywords, is also makes the implementation of a corporate social media plan easy. About as difficult as sending an email, once the content is created.

In other words, if you can log in to Gmail and send an email, you could use Topic Optimized Marketing. And so can all your employees or ghost writers. It even allows your customers to post stories and successes to your blog with the click of a button.

Worried about random posts and rants from customers? Relax. The whole system is moderated and only approved content appears on the system.

Regardless of what platform is utilized, the main thing is to create content and post it frequently.

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