Still Photographers are Fans of the Canon Boot Camp!

cbc_camera_with_helmutWe like to tailor The Association’s Cine Boot Camp to our students, so we always send out a pre-class survey to see what their background is and what they are looking to take away from the weekend. For the past year, I’ve seen a steady growth of still photographers participating in the our HDSLR training classes. Because of increasing demands from their clients to shoot videos alongside photos, many still photographers have come to us to learn the other side of their camera.

When we first got invited to the Palm Springs Photo Festival in 2012, we had to think about how we would teach a tool that photographers were so familiar with, in a different light. After all, DSLRs are made for photographers first, and videographers second. Still photographers are already experts on their camera and know the ins and outs of the device, but we were tasked with teaching them about turning off some parts of their cameras to optimize it for video. I remember one still photographer who changed his shutter speed to gain proper exposure to take a still, and I had to remind him that this couldn’t be done in video because it would cause the frames to stutter, so he would end up with something resembling a zombie movie.

Still Photographers are wonderful students because they teach me things that I don’t use on the camera. In turn, they learn invaluable information about their camera. Gloria Baker, a photographer from New York, said, “I feel much more comfortable working on a video project…it was worth every penny. I think she especially enjoyed the technical aspects of the camera that we covered. Ray Carns, a still photographer from Arizona, came to our Palm Springs Photo Festival two years in a row! He came back recently for our advanced workshop. It meant a lot that he trusted us enough and had an enriching experience the first time to come back for more!



Still Photographers at the Cine Boot Camp

Gloria Baker’s Experience at the Palm Springs Photo Festival from Fletch Murray/CineBootCamp on Vimeo.


In October, we will be teaching at another Still Photography Festival, the California Photo Festival. We love being the go-to DSLR filmmaking source for still photographers!

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