The Association’s Six Sigma Production Line

Nice Voice Recordings for Computers

The Association has become the world leader in voice files for telematics applications with their six sigma production line.  At the very beginning, years ago, we basically looked at everything that could produce a defective voice file and we put a production line in place to eliminate any defective variance.

The Association views its voice files just like any other parts that goes into a car.  Badly done voice files threaten the safety of the passengers just like a mechanical part.   For example, an incorrectly-named voice file prompts the driver to “Exit Freeway on the Left” when it should have played the voice file “Exit Freeway on the Right.”  Or perhaps a confusing voice file made the driver take his eyes off the road to check the map display at a crucial split second. These errors distract the driver from his primary task and threaten his safety.
We choose voice talent who are a pleasure to listen to.  Often the driver will listen to that voice more than their spouse. It’s got to be good…a voice you can rely on at seventy miles per hour on a rain-soaked freeway in a storm. And we record the files so they all fit together seamlessly to reduce the distraction of “Frankenstein voice files” that kind of jump all over the place in volume, pitch, speed, inflection etc..
We only pick professional voice talent who are stable and will be contracted to record decades into the future. They are booked exclusively for just one client.  Alpine and Honda have an appreciation for zero defect.  They are very committed to excellence in everything they do.  A six sigma level of quality in everything they do is what insures companies longevity and market share growth.  We think with the new NHTSA proposed guidelines will cause other users of recorded voices to rethink their approach to voice files.  It’s all about safety.   We want to get everyone home safe. That’s why the six sigma production line is in place. It’s important. At the end of the day, it does save our clients money, but most important, it protects the driving public.  That’s cool.
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