The Human to Machine Interface – Making the Computer a Better Listener

Voice Recordings Produced on a Six Sigma Production Line

Here at The Association we’re helping computers become welcome guests in a conversation.  For years we’ve recorded voice files to give more pleasant voices for computers to speak with.  Now we’re recording voice files to make the computer a better listener. Basically just understand us humans.
How? We record 50 people, men and women, young and old,  recording 400 typical responses to the computer’s questions. We schedule non-professionals – people who slur their words, or talk too fast, or too slow, or do all the hundreds of things computers don’t do.  Let’s face it.  If we spoke like computers computers could probably understand us. And that’s why when you say, “Volume up” the computer rolls up the windows.
Now our clients engineers can play voice files that say the same line 50 different ways to really polish their computers voice recognition prowess.  We’re not going to say who we’re working for but you’ll know them soon because they’ll have the cars that when you say “volume up” the volume will actually go up.


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