To all Canon Boot Camp Grads

Hey all you Canon Boot Camp Grads!

First off, congratulations on completing the Boot Camp! Second, if you think you know everything…think again!

If you've only attended Day One (formerly known as "Pro Level I") you're missing half of the Canon Boot Camp experience.

Here's an example for you: Lynn Thurman, DP and Still Photographer, attended Pro Level I about a year ago. Now that we've revamped our workshop into a two-day fun and informative extravaganza, she decided to come back to finish what she started. She came back to attend Day Two, but we wanted her to come to the first day as well, where we cover the basic and the nitty-gritty info on cinematography and the Canon HDSLRs. So we threw in Day One as a "refresher" so she could refamiliarize herself with the technical data and meet everyone she would be working with on Day Two. This "refresher" plus Day Two package came out to $399, that's quite a deal! 

Here's what Lynn had to say about her second experience at the Canon Boot Camp:


So on Day One, Lynn learned how to set up her Canon 1D's menu properly for video, learned cinematography and lighting basics, tested out gear, and met a bunch of great filmmakers. On Day Two, she helped shoot a PSA on safe driving, which included 5 set-ups. That's a full weekend of learning and doing! 

These days the Canon Boot Camp is only available as a 2-Day class, as Pro Level I isn't available a la carte (unless it's a private Boot Camp). If you are a Pro Level I only Graduate, come join us for Pro Level II in October.  You may attend Pro Level I as a refresher just like Lynn did, and get your hands dirty on Pro Level II.

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