We’re in Love with the DVTec MultiRig!

What’s your favorite toy as an HDSLR Filmmaker? Is it a shoulder rig, a remote focus puller, a slider, or perhaps, you’ve already discovered the Guinness Rig? The man who dubbed it “The Guinness Rig” has an affinity for drinking Guinness. Imagine the day he was hired to film the Edinburg Fringe Festival when his producer told him to have a Guinness. He said “Sure, if you don’t mind the shots being shaky”. Little did he know that he was about to make the discovery of his life. With his camera mounted on his shoulder rig, he let go of the handle to grab a pint, yet his rig effortlessly balanced on his shoulder. Perhaps it was the support pole attached to belt that was doing all the work.


Line Producer Cathleen is getting ready for a cold one.

This innovative system allowed him to shoot with one hand and drink with the other, thus creating the beloved Guinness Rig. The rig is manufactured by DVTec and is actually called the DVTec MultiRig. We got ours over at EVS where Cody did a demo that made our jaws drop. Since then, our Canon Boot Camp students have had a lot of fun taking it for joyrides.


Stunt Coordinator Garrett gives the rig a major workout

The man who coined the infamous nickname for the rig, Fletcher Murray, is none other than the President of The Association and Chief Instructor of the Canon Boot Camp where he continues to spread the joy of the Guinness Rig.

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