Women More Likely to Use Social Media

Women More Likely to Use Social Media

Does your marketing development strategy ignore women?

According to The Nielsen Company, the majority of visitors to social networks and blogs are of the fairer sex.  The highest concentration age-wise is the 18-34 year range. If you think about it, it makes sense because in real life women are naturally better networkers anyway. Well, at least the ones I know are better networkers!

Check out the messages going out on your Facebook Pages and the articles on your blogs. Would they be appealing to women as well as men? Obviously, if the entire site is dedicated to women already, there’s probably no issue. But what about business like auto repair, typically a male-dominated industry pre-internet, or even a sort of “neutral” business like pet stores?

I’m not suggesting that all of your enterprise social media posts and articles be aimed at women exclusively – just suggesting you review or audit current and past postings to assess who you’re really talking to 24/7 online.  And follow it up with content and altering your website to appeal more to women as well, if necessary. Because once people find your blog or social presence, landing on your website is usually just a link away. So the rest of your presence needs to be congruent as well.

Not sure how your content comes across? Well, ask your female friends for their opinion! Then listen to them and take action.

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